patreon y webAn ilustration to use in the cover of my deviantart and patreon so people can know what i do and that i have a patreon (i have a patreon btw 😀

Characters are Vivian James for my webcomic Gamergate life, Evelynn for my webcomic My little Eve, a monster girl version of a Nargacuga from my MG versions of Monster hunter and the salamander K’sara from my webcomic Guild adventure Also myself represented by my avatar Sechs.





Ilustración para portada de mi deviantart y patreon para que la gente sepa que hago y que tengo un patreon (por cierto, tengo un patreon 😀

Los personajes son Vivian james por mi webcomic Gamergate life, Evelynn del webcomic My little Eve, una versión chica monstruo del Nargacuga de monster hunter, parte de una serie que hago y la salamandra K’sara de mi webcomic Guild adventure . Y ademas mi avatar Sechs.